The CupCakes Jagger

My Dad called me by " Jagger ", Jagger means strong man or in other words jagger means bad boys. My dad used to put an expectation on me to be a GREAT and STRONG woman, not really to be a bad girls of course *lol

and " CupCakes " is a very sweet cake , then everyone shall like it,it reflects my a kind hearted woman,i have lots of friends, im a simple one , and everyone loves me. i have interest on music ,art , fashion ,sports , and also photography . i've got generous heart , then i've got a deep passion about GIVING and SHARING.

So, this is the real me : The sweet , and great also the strong woman in facing every circumstance in my life. Hopefully , this page could make you smile and cheer you up. Enjoy ! this is my " CupCakes Jagger Pages "  

this is my fav video and song .. i loved him !!